ELLE Czech Republic October 2014

The 20th anniversary issue of ELLE Czech Republic is featuring four top models on the cover and in the main fashion editorial. I had the honor to have been selected as one of them. (more…)


The Niche Apothecary

Jana has just joined The Niche Apothecary, a blog bringing you the latest discoveries in hard to find, niche, luxury cosmetics and fragrance products from around the world. Jana will be reviewing products she has tried, tested and most importantly fallen in love with. These products are not found in the mass market and many of them have an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients.

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Photo credit: www.nicheapothecary.com

GAS Jeans Spring Summer 2010 02

From Monogamy to Polyamory

What I appreciate about polyamory the most is its flexibility and its emphasis on communication, understanding, honesty, and emotional intelligence. You make your own rules. (more…)


Curiosity Saved the Cat

In his influential and oft-quoted book, The World Is Flat, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and pundit Thomas Friedman argues that “IQ still matters, but CQ and PQ—Curiosity Quotient and Passion (more…)

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Made In Chelsea NYC Episode 3

Quick recap of episode three Made in Chelsea NYC: Alik and Louise become closer, Rosie and I remain coy, Jana was introduced to the show, and the competition (more…)

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Back To School Beauty

This is the last part of the “Back to School” series: and a very important one. Sitting at school (more…)



Ridicule is a strong and soft word. Sometimes ridicule is irritating and intolerable, other times it is light-hearted and humorous. (more…)


Back To School Tech

I’ve wanted to take handwritten notes on devices for some time, but the technology hasn’t been good enough until recently. (more…)