I’m not for one man – CityLife October 2014

I have started to speak more openly about my lifestyle to an audience in the Czech Republic. Recently, I was featured on the cover of City Life magazine which contained a fashion editorial and an interview with me. City Life is a supplement of the Czech newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes.

The article was provocatively titled “I’m Not Just For One Man,” and has stirred a bit of reaction. When the article released I was looking forward to join in the discussion boards and answer questions and concerns readers might have had for me. I was excited to see people’s reaction.

At first, I noticed a lot of dismissing remarks, mostly concerning my looks, as well as a lot of judgmental ones such as “what a slut,” or “how naive, young, incompetent.” None of those really surprised me. I have received comments like that before. It wasn’t that my ego was hurt, but I was really hoping to see a conversation starting question rather than irrelevant commentary about my eyebrows.

I realized which comments hurt me the most. It was the ones that said that I am engaging in polyamory simply because I haven’t met anyone that I am totally in love with, and that one day I would meet someone who I would want to keep for myself and I could not possibly manage to “share” with others.

This kind of reaction, I believe, dismisses me as naive and inexperienced. I think these comments attempt to degrade what I have with Jules, which is something incredibly strong and deeply romantic. People who meet us are surprised how close, comfortable, and enthusiastic we are about each other all the time. Mind you, we have lived together for three and a half years, spending pretty much every single day together, falling asleep in an embrace every night. We are in love, and I miss Jules almost immediately when we’re not together.

Our relationship is open BECAUSE it is so strong. I strongly suggest that you open your relationship only if you have a healthy relationship to begin with. Opening up is not a way to repair or save a relationship. If you don’t see a future with your partner, non-monogamy will most probably expedite a breakup. Polyamory is not a crutch, it is a way to push your relationship to the next stage.

Doesn’t it make sense, really? You need a strong foundation if you want to add some new, potentially disruptive, elements. You have to be able to navigate youself and your partner before welcoming others with loving arms.

One last remark: I have not opened my relationship to “find someone else” (even though my mom probably still thinks that. I have opened my relationship to explore things I haven’t explored yet. I don’t beleive we should limit ourselves to one partner, I think it creates dullness and stagnation).

Love is not finite. It is an abundant resource.

Here is a link for the preview on idnes website. If you are interested in the full interview, it can be found here: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 (Both in Czech only).

Editorial acompanying the interview: Photo Petr Kozlik

Aesop Hand Balm: Niche Journal!


My first review is up on Niche website! I tried the amazingly moisturizing and fast-absorbing Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm while searching for a product to keep my hands soft and hydrated during the cold winter season. It is a dream come true for everyone looking for a non-greasy, deep moisture! Check out the full review HERE!

Photo courtesy of NICHE

ELLE Czech Republic October 2014

The 20th anniversary issue of ELLE Czech Republic is featuring four top models on the cover and in the main fashion editorial. I had the honor to have been selected as one of them.

Elle CZ October 2014

I was photographed with Linda Vojtova, Denisa Dvorakova, and the legendary Daniela Pestova. The theme of the cover shoot was “All-American Girls.” All of us are originally from Czech (or Slovakia), and we all have lived in New York for a couple of years.

In the editorial, studio photography featuring the latest trends of fall 2014 including Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Marni, and others, was interlaced with signature 80s fashion style with white shirts and denim, using New York as a background. (more…)


The Niche Apothecary

Jana has just joined The Niche Apothecary, a blog bringing you the latest discoveries in hard to find, niche, luxury cosmetics and fragrance products from around the world. Jana will be reviewing products she has tried, tested and most importantly fallen in love with. These products are not found in the mass market and many of them have an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.27.25 AM

Photo credit: www.nicheapothecary.com

GAS Jeans Spring Summer 2010 02

From Monogamy to Polyamory

What I appreciate about polyamory the most is its flexibility and its emphasis on communication, understanding, honesty, and emotional intelligence. You make your own rules. You stick to them, but you may change them as you need or as your circumstances evolve. You talk about everything with your partner(s).

Nowadays I like entering new relationships that are already open because I learned how to orient myself in an open/poly environment, I know what to expect, and I understand jealousy. However I believe there is something really interesting about starting out in a monogamous relationship and opening it up after a while.


As Jules explains in detail in his post How we became polyamorous, we eased into non-monogamy together, helping each other along the way. We gave each other as much time as we needed to cope with the emotions and obstacles that we encountered along the way. We paced ourselves in order to nurture and grow our relationship.

We read a lot. I actually read more on the topic of non-monogamy than Jules at first: he started the polyamorous conversation by introducing The Moral Animal to me, but I was the one who became very curious and started reading books like “Opening Up” and “The Ethical Slut.” I had too many questions that needed answers, as is natural for anyone when introduced to a controversial topic. All the new knowledge made me comfortable with what I feel and what I believe. I totally re-evaluated my thoughts about jealousy and romantic love. I became more comfortable with intimacy, my body, and my sexuality. I evolved into a new person. (more…)


Curiosity Saved the Cat

In his influential and oft-quoted book, The World Is Flat, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and pundit Thomas Friedman argues that “IQ still matters, but CQ and PQ—Curiosity Quotient and Passion Quotient—matter even more.” While I personally think that Friedman frequently oversimplifies complex concepts, I ardently agree with his assessment on the importance of curiosity and passion.

The old adage “curiosity killed the cat” cautions against the dangers of being too nosey or too cavalier, and has been invoked for hundreds of years to dampen dreams, allay ambition, and eschew enthusiasm. Yet, it is the openness of curiosity—and the passion that comes with it—that allow us to challenge convention, explore possibilities, and drive human progress.


More than this, however, curiosity is an important factor in personal and professional success, as business psychologist Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic argued in a recent Harvard Business Review post. An ample amount of recent research has demonstrated that people with high CQs can actually match the academic performance of people with high IQs. Studies have also confirmed that people with high CQs tend to be more innovative, more knowledgeable, and more adaptable to change. And, in a world where technology is relentlessly accelerating the rate of change, it will be those who are constantly questioning, experimenting, and dreaming that can keep up with the world, understand it, and master it. As Friedman writes, “give me a kid with a passion to learn and a curiosity to discover and I will take him or her over a less passionate kid with a high IQ every day of the week.” (more…)

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Made In Chelsea NYC Episode 3

Quick recap of episode three Made in Chelsea NYC: Alik and Louise become closer, Rosie and I remain coy, Jana was introduced to the show, and the competition (more…)

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Back To School Beauty

This is the last part of the “Back to School” series: and a very important one. Sitting at school (more…)



Ridicule is a strong and soft word. Sometimes ridicule is irritating and intolerable, other times it is light-hearted and humorous. (more…)