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Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

We’ve always considered Nicki Minaj to be a #jungler by our standards, but it’s even more apparent in her latest music video.

Minaj’s Anaconda just broke the w/ 19.6M views. In the video Minaj demonstrates she is a formidable minx showing off her beauty, strength, and sexuality. When we watched it here at #polyglamorous, we felt as if the video was made for us!

This hypersexual performance takes place in the #jungle and is full of alpha females. If you haven’t already, make sure you check it out.

Anaconda is certainly very polyglamorous. Here are some of our favorite shots:

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Ferocious #glamazons.

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The gym.


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Made in Chelsea NYC – Episode 2

Hey Made In Chelsea fans, alright let’s get serious. I’m not going to lie I loved watching the second episode of Made in Chelsea. It’s weird seeing yourself on camera like that.

I was upstate this weekend with my friends, and was returning home this Sunday on the train with Jana and we watched it on a laptop. It was hard to hear all of it, so we watched a lot of it again at home.

We couldn’t stop laughing, we cringed, and we cheered. It’s clear Made in Chelsea loves drama and from the looks of it I might be providing a new recipe.

First on my menu was the The Charles James exhibit at the MET. I really walked into this one LOL. I suggested the same date to two different girls on a broadcasted reality TV show. How did this happen?! Well the funny part is this is a date a lover of mine suggested to me that we went on together already– she has since rolled her eyes and laughed at me. It does seem less thoughtful when you suggest the same thing to two different people in the span of one hour.

The reality is, I watch many movies more than once, I go to restaurants that I like, I go to places that I like, I spend time with people doing things that I like. I see nothing wrong with repeating activities, and love just as much adventuring and doing new things. Also– in life our environments may change from time to time, and the activities we do may change from time to time, but not unnoticeably a major determinant of the quality of that time we spend depends on the people we are with. You can be in a very nice environment with boring people, and have a demoralizing time. You can be in a very dingy environment with really engaging and interesting people, and have an invigorating time.

Remember, I had never seen an episode of Made in Chelsea before going onto the show. I wanted to go in unaffected, but after watching myself I remember I was nervous/excited with the cameras on me and compensated by being very strong. I am usually intense though (I try to balance it). I do believe the editing makes me seem smarmy. Truth be told I had a major agenda– which was being on the show to pick up girls and talk to all of you. So here I am.

If you watch Made in Chelsea to escape to the dream life, or to peak into it, don’t think about the environments as much as the people.

Look at the people and the way they are presented to you. What are the recurring dramas?

I believe some of the recurring problems are emotional unintelligence, lying, and poor communication (this can come from excessive casualness, poor diction, and lack of earnestness).

If you want love in your life, you can learn from Made in Chelsea regarding how to squander it and how not to retain it. Finding it is not hard if you are open. Retaining it is always the ultimate challenge.

Who wants to be alone? Spencer said “even promiscuous animals need a shot at love.” I think that is appropriately true. Humans are promiscuous animals. I think we all want to love and to be loved. There is nothing wrong with that.

It is a misconception that “love” just happens and then it’s perfect. I’ve even heard people say “love shouldn’t require work” and I think this is naive if not somewhat inane. Anyone that tells you this is extremely lost and will likely find themselves disappointed. I think that love requires work in the form of communication. If you lack truthfulness, trust, honesty, passion, and good communication– love will be harder to romantically sustain– if you can sustain it at all. I am a young 25-year-old with a lot to learn, but compared to my co-stars I think I am somewhat qualified to talk about this a bit more. I have three lovers (and have lived with Jana for three years). There is not much drama. I am able to pursue other romantic interests, and they are allowed to pursue others as well. Occasionally there is drama, and then we work to resolve it. If we don’t resolve it, it falls apart (just like with any relationship). I am currently living through this reality show with the three of them and things are as usual.

But still I don’t think I have earned the audience’s trust yet, which is understandable and good in my opinion. I always say it is important to be a skeptic of the world, and of oneself.

So let’s get really deep. Am I a calculating person? I would say yes, but the problem is that “calculating” is a very dirty word. What does it mean? I think in the most literal sense it refers to adding up numbers, which implies thinking in a way devoid emotion. In that sense, I am not a calculating person– but I also think it is impossible to think without emotions.

What are emotions? I believe they can be described as hormonally characterized brain states. I believe our emotions influence our actions, but I believe a person can control their emotions over time. It requires necessary thought patterns, some emotional muscles, and comfort with feeling vulnerable.

Why would you want to control your emotions? Well, for one thing it can make a lot of things easier for you. It can give you needed courage and confidence. It can also reduce pain, and increase feelings of well being. It can motivate you to feel what you want to feel, which depends on you and circumstances. It can make you more charismatic. It gives you more control over yourself and your environment. What do you want to feel? Do you want to feel good? I think overall you want to feel good and be happy. If not, why not? Feeling good feels good. You don’t want it to feel forced? You want it to feel natural? What is natural?

I believe something that exists in and is caused by nature is natural. Our minds come from nature, just like we do. Our thoughts come from our minds, which come from nature. I believe everything comes from nature. If you choose to feel good, the choice will be natural.

But what about forced? Learning to control your emotions will by literal definitions be “forced” (it requires concious effort). But what about being true to yourself?

What does that mean? To be true to yourself? Has anyone ever said that to you? Be true to you? Be true to yourself? Who are you?

You are the story you tell yourself.

You are what you think. You are your mind. There is no “you” who you come to find and know through self-discovery. Your perspective of yourself is influenced by outside influences and self-reflection. You can realize things about yourself, but ultimately “you” are the story you create (and that story depends on what you think, what you think others think, and what you think others think of you).

There are no souls, there is no you inside of you, except your mind (I revere our minds as equivalent to souls). Our identity is very precious to us. It is ours. Our stories define us. Those stories depend on what you think, what you think others think, and what you think others think of you.

The self is an illusion. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it means it is not what it seems. Understanding this can change things for a lot of people, and give them more control over themselves and their experiences. It can change approaches to dialogues, which I believe we should approach with the goal of net gains for everyone.


It depends on what you want. Do you want love and happiness? If this is a topic you are interested in you might enjoy reading #Junglers Don’t Slut Shame or Myths and Realities: Chapter Excerpt from the Ethical Slut.


Water-Based Miracle Foundation

I found an interesting new product: Make Up For Ever – Face & Body Liquid Foundation. What fascinated me at first was the consistency of it, which was very different from any other foundations I’m familiar with. It looked like a liquid-y pudding. The makeup in the half-used display bottles didn’t really stick to the glass on the inside of the containers. The description reads:

This waterproof, ultra-light, water-based gel contains no emulsifiers and provides a totally natural, satin finish. Ideal for normal skin-types as well as for fine lines and large pores. Gives skin a uniform tone without accentuating imperfections. (from

This foundation sounded like something I might enjoy, since I always prefer to wear an ultra light foundation, if any at all.

I picked up a bottle and sampled the product on my hand. The constistency was exactly what I expected from the look of it– it was a gooey gel which blended right into my skin, and left only a smudge of color behind. I could see no product, just my skin. I immediately fell in love!

When applied to skin, it feels very moisturizing and light. It blends in very well and doesn’t make any streaks whatsover- it leaves your complexion fresh and dewy. It doesn’t have that powdery, airbrushed finish that many other products do.

I absolutely recommend using fingers for application because a sponge absorbs almost all this lightweight product.

Verdict:  Make Up Forever Face and Body is a perfect day-time foundation for a natural, fresh, dewy look. It provides very light coverage. If evening out of skin tone is your main objective, this might very well become your new favorite product. If you need to cover up some bigger imperfections, this will not be enough alone, but it will work well together with a targeted use of your favorite concealer.

Make Up For Ever: Face & Body Liquid Make Up


Meet Maria X Liu


Maria X Liu is the newest #glamazon to join Polyglamorous!

At Polyglamorous we always like to say the mind is like a peacock’s tail! It’s something that makes us unique and attractive.

For that reason we ecstatically welcome the beautiful and mindful Maria X Liu as our newest blogger! She’s a digital consultant in NYC and full time fashionista.

China born and LA raised, Maria moved to NYC to attend NYU for Psychology, French and Cinema Studies. After following her global curiosity to both Shanghai and Paris, Maria began working in fashion after graduating, shortly before going freelance and chasing her passions. Now, she’s studying at NYU Tisch for an MA in Film Studies while also writing, casting and consulting.

She’s made a name for herself creating the digital divisions for Black Frame (working with clients such as Opening Ceremony, Rodart, Frieze, & the Standard Hotels) and The Wall Group. She was a music manager to Hahn Bin, working with him on his iD cover and nowness video and sold out 3 of his debut shows in NYC. In the fashion world, she’s casted for prestigious brands such as Ohne Titel, Ralph Lauren, CK One, White House Black Market, and Levi’s for renowned casting director Jennifer Starr.

Self ascribed as “an eternally evolving, curious world traveler, a film nut and a keen observer of the human spirit and mind,” she blogs for well known media outlets such as the Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.

She’s most interested in how the mind works and why people are the way they are.

Maria is without a doubt one of the coolest #junglers we know. Like the rest of us here, Maria believes an open mind is an essential fashion that never goes out of style.

We are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

A Culture At Rest Tends to Stay At Rest

Meet Remington! The newest contributor to Polyglamorous.

I am certainly skeptical of some of the views expressed on this blog. I am neither polyamorous or steeped in the glamor of the fashion industry. I am politically conservative on not only economic but social issues as well, I believe that religion has value that science cannot replace, I hesitate to equate what’s natural with what’s normative, and as a business consultant I spend most of my time in airports and board rooms. Obviously, my beliefs and lifestyle aren’t exactly aligned with the themes of this blog. Yet, Polyglamorous and I have a couple of fundamental beliefs in common. We believe that constant questioning is critical to human progress and that young people today aren’t doing enough of it.

woooshNewton’s first law of motion, inertia, states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force. This same concept applies to human culture. People have a natural tendency to resist change, an evolutionary trait that helped our ancestors create stable communities. This negative social inertia, while at times beneficial, can also be detrimental to the evolution of our society. Progress, whether it’s political, economic or technological, requires positive social inertia—cultural momentum that challenges the status quo and champions a better future. Just as an object remains at rest unless it’s influenced by an outside force, so too does our society tend to remain at rest unless influenced by new ideas. Ideas are the force of culture, and new ones often require new ways of thinking.

The new ways of thinking that create positive social inertia are a product of open minds, of people who aren’t afraid to question, challenge, and explore. They emerge from the belief that the way it is isn’t the way it has to be. This doesn’t mean we abandon what works today, but it does mean that we should always ask whether it can work better tomorrow. For, if we don’t question where we are, we’ll never get to where we could be. Skepticism, curiosity, and openness are vital to our society. They drive the growth of human knowledge. They build understanding and bring people together. They help us realize that, as Andrew W.K. recently wrote in New York’s The Village Voice, “the world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist—the world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world.” They remind us that, as former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” And, they reinforce Muhammad Ali’s belief that “impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.”


This is what Polyglamorous represents. It provokes thought. It asks why. It challenges social constructs and cultural conventions. It calls people to be conscious, intentional, and informed. It defies the assumption that fashion is always shallow and pop-culture always pedestrian. It dares to suggest that what seems correct isn’t always right. It pleads for people, especially young people, to see that there’s a big world out there full of wonder, whimsy, beauty, and mystery, and that there are so many different ways to explore it.

So, while I may not agree with everything Polyglamorous posts, I do agree that an open mind is an essential fashion, one that never goes out of style.



Made In Chelsea NYC Episode 1

So I finally watched my first episode of Made in Chelsea ever, and it was a total blast. I had never seen the show before because I wanted to be fresh on camera. My character didn’t make it into the first episode, but I saw myself in the “on the next episode” scenes. I am excited and nervous, all wrapped into one frubbly package!

Even though I didn’t know anything about the plot’s backstory (the show has had seven seasons prior to NYC), I knew who all of these people were from meeting them in real life, so I was immediately engaged by everything they discussed.

So what is the point of Made in Chelsea based on my observation of one episode?

It seems to be about conveying “the dream,” the ideal life chock-full of parties, shopping, good food, and almost unlimited freedom. It’s about escapism for its audience, to get a peek into a life removed from problems. But there is no true utopia, so what problems ail these blessed Londonites? On the surface their problems and concerns seem limited exclusively to personal social drama. They don’t discuss philosophy, world problems, or current events– they don’t seem heavily invested in the marketplace of ideas, and I think that is symptomatic of cultural superficiality.

The cast of Made in Chelsea is comprised of role models for its young and impressionable audience, and it is not the casts’ fault that they are edited to seem more superficial than they otherwise might be. They might be capable of stimulating and deep intellectual discussion if given the chance. It might depend on what the audience wants to see.

My favorite part of the episode was obviously watching my friend Alik throw fastballs from the pitcher’s mound. He seemed like a dominant force who really inserted himself into the in crowd. I also loved his scene when he asked Louise on a date! Let’s see if I can live up to the strong precedent he set. (*Jules puffs feathers, flexes muscles*)

I was fascinated by watching the petty drama between the characters. Lucy Watson said something very interesting to Rosie in what I believe was an unneccessary quarrel. She said something along the lines of “that’s just the way I am” and “that’s just the way you are.” Language is a window into human thought, and this little phrase gave me insight into how Lucy considers identity and the “self.” Lucy believes people are fixed– they are born a certain way independent of any thought program. However, recent discoveries in neuroscience are reshaping our understanding of life (and culture) and show that is not true. Identity is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. You are what you think. You are the story you tell yourself.


“That is just the way you are.”

I consider identity and people (including myself) as more plastic, so whenever I have conflict I focus on conflict resolution. This does require some degree of emotional intelligence which I’ve had to work on and practice over time. I’ve noticed sometimes when others have conflict, they focus on feeling (or just appearing) superior. This means they become rigid– and listen more to respond, and less to understand. I believe the more close minded one is, the harder it is to establish meaningful connections and find happiness.

I wonder why it seems everyone on the show is constantly breaking up, cheating, and fighting. Maybe it’s impossible to find true happiness, love, and compassion. Maybe it’s all about how you think.


Joining the Cast of UK Reality Show Made in Chelsea

I joined the cast of Made in Chelsea this summer, a BAFTA award-winning, hit reality show about young aspirational people, their lives, and relationships. I’ve watched some clips of the show, and it plays like a soap opera. It’s broadcast by E4 in the United Kingdom.

Its average viewers have been steadily climbing for 7 seasons, up to over 1 million viewers per episode. The New York season (which I am in) will have six episodes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.41.11 PM

Made in Chelsea Ratings – source wikipedia

Here is an absurd advertisement for (more…)


Storm by Epic Dragon

I had the pleasure to be a part of a project produced by Offhollywood and Boom Productions several months ago. It was one of the first shoots to ever use the RED Epic Dragon camera.

I was transformed into three looks by Deanna Meluso (makeup), Joshua Ristaino (hair) and Daphna Guttin (styling)- first I was an icy white blonde, then a dark femme fatale, and lastly natural and wet. They used a lot of slow motion capture to create a strong female portrait: a fierce, beautiful, and enchanting. The elements (more…)


ManServant: A Man, But Better

I remember years ago, after reading Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, I fell in love with the idea of having my own butler (Artemis’ bodyguard is a butler, named Butler). Who wouldn’t want someone who is there for you 24/7, caters to all your needs, and protects you under any circumstances?

Thus far I have not been able to get my own full-time servant, however my chances of having one, at least from time to time, are increasing! ManServant is a startup from San Francisco that aims to serve womens’ needs. ManServants was the idea of Christina Nickas who got inspired while planning her bachelorette party. She didn’t like the idea of traditional strippers- a “greasy dude in a pathetic outfit shaking his dick in [her] face.”

The duties of a ManServant are simple: make all of lady’s wishes come true– all except romantic ones, that is. ManServants is not an escort service. As per ManServants’ rule #11, “a ManServant keeps his penis in his pants and out of the lady’s face.”

This promo video says it all, and I think it is totally awesome. Women might not sit on their ManServants while they scrub floors for them, but I like the idea. Talk about role reversal!

ManServant Rule #11

A Manservant gives you exactly the kind of attention you want at all times, which is so rare to find in real life :). The fact that there is nothing sexual behind the transaction makes the experience fun and trouble-free. All you get is compliments, indefatigable attention, and service all wrapped in the utmost chivalrous behavior.

Unfortunately, ManServants is in the earliest stages of business, and are still running trials, and only in San Francisco, their home state. They are due to open this fall, and I’m sure they will expand to other cities and states soon as well!

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Robert Heinlein – Novelist, Philosopher, #Jungler

Heinlein-faceRobert Heinlein was a best-selling novelist, prolific science fiction writer, and philosopher who lived 1907-1988.

“Heinlein’s critics cut across all ends of the political spectrum, as do his fans.” He was an author who probed ranging issues such as sex, race, politics, and individualism. He was a fallibilist whose views evolved throughout his lifetime, earning him both praise and criticism.

I recently picked up three of his books to become more familiar with the famous iconoclast: Time Enough For LoveThe Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, and Stranger In A Strange Land.

I’ve always loved the saying art is a lie that reveals truth. I’m almost done with The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress and I can safely say the proverb especially applies. My copy’s book cover says it’s a “classic, Hugo Award-winning novel of libertarian revolution,” but it’s actually more about an anarchist revolution. As a libertarian myself, I believe government is good for defense, courts, and police. All that aside, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an exhilarating read seeping with wisdom. The book ranges topics of individualism, self-determination, sexual freedom, and liberation. It’s predictions and descriptions of technology that didn’t yet exist are remarkable, and I have to keep reminding myself it was written in 1966– not last year. photo I have yet to fully dive into his other novels, but I couldn’t be more excited. As a polyamorist, it’s nice to find modern American fiction that deeply explores non-traditional relationship models. As an avid science lover excited for the future– it’s nice to read narrative works that share my wonderment.

Science fiction is a literature of ideas. Considered by many to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time, Robert Heinlein was a unique man who believed things don’t have to be and won’t stay the same. It’s several decades later and I agree.