Joining the Cast of UK Reality Show Made in Chelsea


I joined the cast of Made in Chelsea this summer, a BAFTA award-winning, hit reality show about young aspirational people, their lives, and relationships. I've watched some clips of the show, and it plays like a soap opera. It's broadcast by E4 in the United Kingdom. Its average viewers have been steadily climbing for 7 seasons, up to over 1 million viewers per episode. The New York season (which I am in) will have six episodes.

Here is an absurd advertisement for a fake fragrance made by the production team of Made in Chelsea which self-awarely satires the show.

Although it's structured reality, when I'm on it I really do portray myself. If you watch the show which premiers August 4th in the UK, what you will see will undoubtably be an edited version of Jules Hamilton. It's hard to know if people will end up liking you, all I want is to love and be loved!

For example, here is some well-written, old negative press for Made in Chelsea by The Spectator. So understandably, I expect some positive and negative press.

A nice recent press release for the New York season said my passion was filmmaking and producing, which to some extent is true– but it is a limited answer. I love movies because of their narratives, evocative aesthetics, and emotive sounds. I have a passion for stories, art, and culture. I'm an avid reader, and also have dreams of becoming a writer. The reason I did the show is because I want to be a part of culture, to be happy and spread happiness.

I've been asked by my closest friends if I had any reservations before joining the cast. I've responded like this: worst case scenario is everyone hates me then I die, best case scenario is I amass a following and then do something with it!

It seems appropriate I've been asked recently what some of my biggest fears in life are. I would say dying, and being alone. I'm also afraid of flying bugs!

Everyone who reads this blog knows I am polyamorous. Regarding the show, there is one minor thing that I am expecting...

Comments on my stained teeth! Everyone on Made in Chelsea has sparkling white teeth, and I drink a lotttt of Coca-Cola and Coffee. :'(

Optimist's possible solution:

I would love to endorse a dentist brand that specializes in veneers! XD

Joking aside, the cast of Made in Chelsea is a really cool group. I was warmed by their gregariousness and magnanimousness. I felt like I fit right in. I don't think it hurt that I grew up on the Upper East Side went to Riverdale Country Day school and New York University.

I love that I had the opportunity to meet so many cool new people. It's been a lot of fun, and I would totally do it again.

I can't wait to see it- make sure you tune in! I'll be sure to blog about it as the show airs.