Interview with International Model & DJ Leebo Freeman

Leebo Freeman In New Yorker F/W 14

Leebo Freeman In New Yorker F/W 14

Leebo Freeman is a famous international male model, actor, and DJ. Ever since being voted as one of the top 50 male models in the world by he has been featured in countless fashion magazines such as i-D, Essential Hommes, Client Magazine, L'Officiel Hommes, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue. He's walked for fashion industry giants like Terry Mugler, Jeremy Scott, Frankie Morello, and Dsquared2 and appears in advertising campaigns all over the world. 

Once an MMA fighter, or as we'll call it, a "mixed martial artist," Leebo embodies the essential spirit of a multi-faceted artist who is both independent and thoughtful. As we like to put it here, he is someone fit to create order from chaos.

Leebo took some time to sit down with us to answer some burning questions and share somes thoughts on career outlook, positivity, and life.

Jules Hamilton: Before we dive into some questions, I'm curious where might people have seen you most recently?

Leebo Feeman: Well very recently I have been doing a lot of work with Vivienne Westwood! The reason being I mutually support her fashion movements and political/worldly causes like "Save The Artic". 

Vivien Westwood and Leebo Freeman for "Save The Artic"

Vivien Westwood and Leebo Freeman for "Save The Artic"

JH: So a lot of people know you as a famous model, but you also have a DJ persona. How did that start?

LF: Well I have always had a LOVE for music long before my modelling career. I always played in bands and was fascinated how music affected people and myself. My taste in electronic music started with my Uncle Paul who used to play for me warm Northern Soul and Funk style classics he owned on record and tape. I wasnt able to keep a band going with all my  travel for work, but being a DJ/Producer has turned out to be a perfect way for me to keep composing and performing music in a way that suited to my lifestyle... not to mention how cool it seems to me that one person could, if not control, at least contribute to the vibe of everyone's night in a club or lounge. 

Leebo FreeMan D'Scene Cover Summer 2015 Milan

Leebo FreeMan D'Scene Cover Summer 2015 Milan

Leebo Djing Monster Energy Tour

Leebo Djing Monster Energy Tour

JH: You've been on the cover of countless fashion magazines, been ranked as one of the top 50 male models in the world by, and acted in a feature film with Danny Glover. What's the most fun you ever had on a job?

LF: Wow.. thats a very tough question. To even try to compare all the amazing textures of my experiences, and people I have seen along the way is almost impossible... There have been SO many amazing and fun experiences. 

Another Magazine Event With Vivienne Westwood and Kate Moss

Another Magazine Event With Vivienne Westwood and Kate Moss

JH: What attracts you to DJing? Is it the party atmosphere, the music? Do you use sound to connect with people?

LF: I most definitely use sound to connect with not only the people, but as you said the atmosphere and mood. It's amazing how much music can trigger one's emotions, and to be a single person at the head of that is an incredible feeling. 

JH: How do you approach things, new experiences, and challenges?

LF: I love approach things head on with all my passion and focus. I have told many of the influential people I have worked with along this journey (who when reading this will laugh) that whenever I'm given the chance I will give them nothing short of 100%.


JH: How would you describe your mindset?

LF: I suppose I could say it's a nice mix of entreprenuerial, indepedent, and creative. It's good to have an even balance with these areas. I like to streamline them into the same direction in whatever it is i may be focussing on at the moment. 

JH: Where did you grow up?

LF: My childhood has always been a tender subject. I saw a lot and experienced a lot that most kids probably shouldn't have that I use now as very important lessons. At the same time I experienced fundamental genuine love that carried me through tough times. I had a scattered start between the southern United States and the North of England.  

JH: Where do you live now?

LF: I live in East London in the borough of Hackney whilst frequently travelling back to my roots in Manchester.

JH: As a model you are creative muse for artists, but your body looks like its own canvas. How many tattoos do you have?  

LF: Hmm... you know funny I haven't ever counted.. and am constantly adding to that number. i quickly counted 50 around the upper body areas that are visible. That will surely have increased by the next time i see you :)

JH: What words would you use to describe the themes or common characteristics of your tattoos and style?

LF: Definitely traditional is the style I love, but I always look for artists with their own particular style about it. I also love some curious mind bending styles of Stippling and Neo-Traditional. 

JH: Do you see modelling as a stepping stone for a larger entertainment career, or is it something you want to continue balancing with a DJ persona? 

LF: I most definitely have used modeling as a platform for other passions I carried or picked up along the way, but don't intend to ever completely abandon it. 

JH: How would you describe your evolution as an artist?

LF: I would say the biggest factor in it is always trying to remain current whilst retaining style, I am always trying to convey my sound and story into whatever overall direction my creativity is going.  

JH: You do a lot of different things. How do you manage your careers?

LF: Yes I indeed have me fingers in many pies lol. I would say that actually it's the best way I am productive, to constantly be stimulated by a task.. the only times I feel uneasy or stressed is when i have nothing to work on. 

JH: What is your life like outside of your many professions? How do you enjoy spending time?

LF: I am quite simple actually, i love to cook for meself and others. I love scenery and sometimes will go to public places just to people watch and feel the buzz of the ever moving world. 

JH: Do you travel a lot?

LF: YES MATE... Lol sometimes i would say too much, but when i stop and think about it i know i am so blessed to be able to travel the globe like i do.  

JH: Where do you attribute your creative roots? What inspires you?

LF: Well I am very inspired by deep concepts.. I love reading a little about Quantum Theory and following the places it takes me mind. As well there's a lot of Anime films that really inspire me; I love elaborate and imaginative stories. 

JH: What qualities and what things interest you most?

LF: Intelligence and stead fast opinion is always attractive to me, I love to listen to people who really know of what they speak and aren't easily swayed from their views. I also am a fervent believer in positivity as a whole, I would definitely say its a testament to the things that I have accomplished. There are SO many good things to be found in every situation if we just look for them. I love to meet people who feel the same.

JH: How do you consider your relationship with nature and technology?

LF: Very interesting question. I have always had a fascination with the apocalypse and considering a point in time where everything becomes lawless again and all machinery and man made creations are overgrown with greenery. That being very strangely said.. LOL I loveee the future and the technological advances that we are leaping toward every day, but I do very much feel a connection with simple organic life as well. So I like a nice moderate mix of both.

JH: What do you love about sound?

LF: Sound.... oh i just don't know if I could live without it... I love its power to make us feel, the way it can pry at even our deepest darkest or suppressed emotions. I love how it compliments every experience and action. Just like speaking to a person whose voice matches their appearance and personality so well. This cosmic relationship of action and sound represents a part of them that cant be seen or touched. There is a natural score to our every movement and decision during our days. It is one of life's greatest gifts.