Who is #Polyglamorous?


Welcome to our blog!

For the time being, we will be starting this blog as two people, but may invite guest writers to contribute in the future.

We will be writing about what we read, what we like, what we think, and what we do.

Who are we?

We are two polyamorous high fashion models with college educations– but who cares about that?! Our purpose in life is to be happy and spread happiness. Our dream is to #ImpactCulture.

We identify as skepticsfallibiliststranshumanists, libertarians, atheists (but technically agnostics)- we have faith in science and love life.

We want to advertise a good theory for creating knowledge that prioritizes error detection and error correction.

We believe cognitive tools can shape our experience through life, and we want to empower people and promote well-being.

Think of this as the start of a transparent diary to engage a community. Stay tuned, it might even grow into something more. :)

We want to push boundaries for our readers. Our vow to you is we'll keep it serious, fun, and edgy... and definitely #Polyglamorous.


Truly yours,

Jules Hamilton & Jana Knauerova



Twitter: @julesphamilton @janaknauer