Natural + Non Greasy = LOVE

I had a fun little photoshoot today. No clothes and a little cat mask were involved.

So obviously I needed my skin to look yummy and special. Thanks to my friend and talented make up artist Laura for introducing me to this awesome NATURAL super moisturizing body cream by S.W. Basics of Brooklyn which is ultra natural (a must for me) containing only 3 ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil (with which I have been in love lately, but which is not very moisturizing by itself).

I am a big fan of natural skin and body care, eagerly following anything new that shows up, but I am very particular about moisturizers not leaving skin greasy. Those two properties often don't go hand in hand, so I'm really pleased to have tried this particular one by S.W. Basics! The consistency scared me at first: it looks a little bit vaselina-ish, so I was afraid I was going to be yucky sticky greasy all day. But it surprised me how quickly it got absorbed by my skin.

My suggestion is to put it on right after shower, before you start working on your hair styling and make up, and let it sink into your skin for a minute before you get dressed.

I'm really excited to try all their other things: whenever only a few ingredients are involved in a skin care product, count me in for the test!

SW Basics Cream can be purchased on Fancy: