Shag presents Play Time by Tina Lugo seems like a carnal fare of sorts.

We didn't attend, but love that things like this exist.

If nothing else, it's the playful, friendly, innocent attitude the Astro Boy inspired postcard evokes.

The Shag store hosts sensual workshops, and sells toys and art, like these lovely provocative photographs.

This is the Shag store's event calendar for last month. Things like this should not make us feel shame or guilt.


If anything, I dare say things like this should make us feel curious or excited. Not uncomfortable.

If someone were to use the "precautionary principle" to suggest increased sexual behavior risks society's well-being, I would tell that pessimist they are using language to obfuscate a finer point. Don't be surprised, people actually make that claim! That this happens in the 21st century with the information we have available today astounds me.

Obviously sex is fun, but don't be careless. The more good, mutually fulfilling sex you have, the more you must practice being compassionate and comfortable with yourself and others. Communicate with your partners, and use protection! Also–an added bonus, communication skills which are good for sex are transferable to day to day life! If you communicate well, you can learn to cooperate better and have fulfilling relationships more easily. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think better communication and cooperation skills would be really beneficial to society's well-being!

We won't get there unless we are more comfortable with ourselves and feeling vulnerable, so let's thank pop culture for becoming more and more sexualized (and exposed).

I think we are making progress. ;)