Valentino Haute Couture

After going through my favorite looks of Fall 2014 Haute Couture I realized that my picks for Valentino way outnumbered all other designers, so I decided to do to a separate post for it. I have always been a fan of Valentino. As New York Magazine says, Valentino is known for its "intricately detailed, luxurious gowns and tastefully body-conscious silhouettes." I mean, who could resist gentle-strong floral motifs, illustrious headbands, and lusty sheer laces? Here are just a few selections from previous Valentino collections:

To no dissapointment at all, Valentino's current Haute Couture collection offers something a little bit different.

This season reminds me of something I might see in Golden Age Athens, evoking an idea of a strong, independent warrior woman who is modern, cultural, and open. A #Jungler for the 21st century!

Looking at this collection shows how important the role of a neckline is in a piece of clothing. What seems rather modern to me is the simplicity of either a straight neckline, or a rather tight and round one. It feels elevated by the timeless colors (navy, white, nude, and black) and elegent cuts. The ornamentation is not too overdone so it doesn't feel girly, instead it feels womanly.

Overall, I want to wear everything in this collection... especially these below. Some of my favorite picks include navy, white, nude, ornaments, and drape-lace. I love the use of leather belts!

Who do you consider the top designer of Fall Couture 2014? Tweet me or comment bellow!