Modern Love Songs

If art is a creative expression of the human experience, what are some of the things pop culture is trying to tell us? It Should Be Easy - Britney Spears

Love feels good. It should be easy, right? Why isn't it?

You bring me zen Yes, you bring me zen You make me feel like a million, billion I'll let you in But don't you break my heart Don't you rip me apart, no, don't you rip me apart

[Hook] Baby, love, it should be easy It shouldn't be complicated It should be easy I don't know how else to say it, say it, say it, say it

Black Widdow - Iggy Azalea

Is this a familiar story?

This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same First we're both down to play then somehow you go astray We went from nothing to something, liking to loving It was us against the world and now we just fucking It's like I loved you so much and now I just hate you Feeling stupid for all the time that I gave you I wanted all or nothing for us ain't no place in between By-by me believing what you say that you never mean Like it'll last forever but now forever ain't as long If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be stuck singing this song You were different from my last but now you got it mirrored And as it all plays out I see it couldn't be clearer Now sing

[Pre-Hook — Rita Ora:] You used to be thirsty for me But now you wanna be set free This is the web, web that you weave So baby now rest in peace (It's all over with now)


I think it's curious the video starts with a narration that describes love as "the rarest of all human emotion." It's true, in our current culture– if someone isn't "the one," then they are just an abandonable prototype. Many of us spend our lives searching for "the one," so we limit ourselves while searching for the rarest of all human emotions. Sounds like a difficult situation.

[Intro] I hope that you're the one If not, you are the prototype We'll tiptoe to the sun And do thangs I know you like

We Found Love - Rihanna

Regarding love, why would someone think we live in a hopeless place? Personally, I think this place is full of hope– one just needs to know where (or how) to look.

We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place