Evolution of a (Fashion) Model

When you start your career as a fashion model, you usually know what the industry likes about you most. It is either your agent who tells you right away, or you will learn on jobs. Maybe you have a perfectly symmetrical face...


...long legs...


... sort of have it all...


... or as for me: eyebrows. Besides having it all. ;D

Gustavo Papaleo

I started modeling in 2006, when I was 17. I was born in a little city, Lovosice, Czech Republic. I was never really exposed to the big world of fashion before I started modeling. I submitted an online application to an agency in Prague, with which I signed a contract.

I visited London, Paris, and New York a few times while still attending high school (grammar school Gymnazium Lovosice), and doing lots of direct bookings.

Most model noobs begin sort of tame (as far as modeling goes). In fact, any changes in hair style, tattooing, piercing, and other body alterations are prohibited and under strict rule of your agents. Some models rebel and do things on their own and get into trouble. I was a good girl.

After I graduated from high school, I started pursuing modeling full time and that was when I slowly started to change my look. I died my hair white during the first summer I moved from Europe to New York.

It is true- once you change your hair once, clients are attracted to adjust your style. I got booked for Balenciaga (for which I had my hair cut short). Shortly after that happened, I did campaigns for giants such as Versace, Costume National, Sportmax, Topshop, American Vogue, and many others.

After those jobs, I tried a few different looks and hair colors.

..until I decided that I had enough maintenancing my hair, which always felt a lifesupport away from becoming a chemical corpse. I had a lot of fun and loved my short white hair, but wanted to go back to my natural color... only to get immediately booked for a job where the client dunked my hair in paint (not that it wasn't fun!) :))

Kurv Magazine

Now my hair is my natural color and is about shoulder length (which I wear all sorts of ways). Who knows what's going to happen in the next few years? I don't think I want to look the same all the time :)

As a model, and a #jungler, you simply have to be ready for major changes. I have enjoyed all of them!