The Impossible Quiz

I used to love this game The Impossible Quiz (created 2007). It's strangely addictive, hilarious, and frustrating at times. I've heard people say that it's actually impossible to do, but I did it with the help of my friends (at times it took extreme determination–there are some serious head scratchers). This is not a traditional quiz– it's more like a riddle game. There are 120 riddles– and you are allowed three wrong answers, and seven skips. If at any point you get three wrong answers, you have to start from the beginning (thinking of this just made me laugh with dread). Some of these questions took me a week to answer after trying everything, but I love a good challenge.

Now is this a challenge worth undertaking?

Well, it is hilarious and extremely fun, but that is up to you– this absolutely worked the "think the outside the box" part of my brain. It's time consuming, but it can be balanced/spread out over periods. It also worked my, what I like to call, determination brain muscles. They come in handy if you use them. It also works your short term memory well (this is definitely a mental workout so no need to feel guilty indulging if you do). Treat yourself! It kept me extremely engaged because I wanted to complete it. It is absolutely weird, bizarre, and lovable (I also cursed and screamed at this game). It was one of my most pleasurable, painful, rewarding experiences. I actually think it made me grow, which is why I've put it in the blog.

The question is, how far can you go?