Stanford Daily is #Polyglamorous

"The Stanford Daily has been a fixture on the Stanford campus since the University was founded in 1892. The paper began as a small publication known to locals as The Daily Palo Alto and has grown to its current status as one of the finest college newspapers in the country."

Here is a great article by Lily Zheng about her experience with polyamory and the importance of communication in all relationships.

Lily Zheng '17 is the president of Kardinal Kink, an advocacy and support group for the kink community at Stanford. Kink is a broad term for non-traditional sexual activity.

When asked about her role and forgoing anonymity, she said, “A really good thing about being out is that by defying perceptions, I get to change those perceptions... If I don’t treat it as something different or scary or exotic, then people are more willing to talk about it.”

According to an interview with Zheng , she acknowledged that being open about her kinkiness could impede her from running for office or even hurt her in some job applications. But she framed those limited drawbacks as a worthy sacrifice: “Do I want to get into a position to change society—which means not being out—or do I want to do a more grassroots [style] of organizing?”

Personally, I'm not worried about Zheng's future ability to get a job. In this day and age, there will always be leaders who recognize her character. Her communication skills and openness are a rare trait that will make her a valuable teammate to any organization.

What's funny (in her own words) is that communicating about things in a polyamorous relationship is "not a choice but a necessity." This is great experience for anyone who wants to learn how to cooperate well with others. :)

If elite colleges are a nexus for future culture, I'm glad to know things are becoming more #polyglamorous.