The Fun Starts Here–Let's Get Fit!

We like getting fit not just because we model. We are #Junglers and we stay fit because we want to be agile, flexible, strong, and able to defend ourselves in a zombie apocalypse. We want to be able to enjoy our lives to their full potential!

Jules and I have always been very active. As young children we both loved rough play, horsing and running around (we still do). I started doing kickboxing when I was sixteen and stopped for my modeling career (I always had too many bruises). When Jules was in high school he was on the cross country, wrestling, and track teams.

After kickboxing I picked up running, but I experienced problems when running for two weeks or more–heel pain, knee pain, sciatic nerve pain, and shin splints. I never knew how to treat my problems or what was causing them (I always had good, new, comfortable running shoes, didn't I?). I would always have to pause my efforts and wouldn't continue running again until I fully recovered.

This mystery solved itself when I changed my running shoes–not to a cushier and more protective sole, but surprisingly to a minimalist running slipper. I started with Vibram FiveFingers, later on I added Vivobarefoots, which are currently my all-around favorite shoes in general. I also have Vivo Balerinas and Boxing Boot, which keep my muscles working while looking sleek. Check out Jules's Vibram post to learn more about barefoot running.

Besides running, I practice yoga, and I have a healthy addiction to it. I believe decreased flexibility is the most problematic aspect of aging, and it is vital that we constantly maintain and improve on it. Yoga is great for our mental health by providing us with downtime for meditation and breathing exercises, and it also strengthens muscles throughout the entire body.

Recently, I have fallen for rock climbing, which complements yoga. It's a strengthening full body exercise that involves flexibility. It also works mental capabilities by encouraging one to push further, let go of fear, and cultivate zen. We also enjoy hiking, love rollerblading, going to the gym, and exercising at home. If it's physical, chances are we like it. We have a large collection of BeachBody programs, because they are based on the idea that we should vary our fitness routine often, otherwise our bodies become accustomed to a program and plateau. Variety in our workouts create muscle confusion and maximize results. Jules has done P90X and I have done Brazilian Butt LiftInsanity, and Les Milles Combat.

In general, we are very active people. Junglers are fit and strong! People exercise because it makes us feel good, but let's not pretend otherwise: it also makes us LOOK good.

Jana in ELLE UK by Jessica Craig Martin
Jana in ELLE UK by Jessica Craig Martin

Over the years, we have learned a lot from professional nutritionists and personal trainers, and what we realized is that MOTIVATION is the most important aspect of a successful fitness routine. So we would like to establish a group of people eager to improve with us. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers. Jules and I would like to get more in shape with you. Let's play together and get FIT!

Stay posted for more on fitness adventures and diet!

Below are links to some of our favorite fitness programs! 

LES MILLS COMBAT. Work out like a warrior. Get shredded in 60 days.