Groundbreaking Shoes

Conspiracy designer Gianluca Tamburini's unique mind is passionate about intricately merging nature with technology in the form of art. His shoes evoke an alluring and opulent #jungler aesthetic. While the socialite, or traditional woman who can afford them might go for Christian Louboutin, the transcendent #jungelite chooses these.

Conspiracy is a gripping brand with intelligent design. Some may seem delicate, but make no mistake-these shoes are strong jewelry. In many ways revolutionary, or evolutionary, Conspiracy challenges the notion that shoes must be made with traditional materials. Also, these shoes can literally transform.

Made in Italy, Conspiracy reflects the penultimate of craftsmanship in fashion today. Tamburini’s background is actually in cars, so it is no mistake they can be disassembled and the parts recombined to form different shoes. One can customize this footwear just like Formula One race cars that use some of the same materials and components.

These are "sculpture" soles made with aeronautical-aluminum, polished galvanic palladium, titanium screws, fixed jewel-insoles, set with natural crystals and gems, as well as various carbon based organic materials, evoking exquisite luxury exclusive to the 21st century.

These are real engineering structures, expressing the essential features of simplexity. "Its molecular essence is made up of many particles exploded and recomposed." In many ways these shoes are a bridge of possibilities, representing the symbiotic harmony of our machines with life.

These shoes are physically light with looks that kill. They are definitely high heels made for superwomen, or elite junglers: dense, smooth and bright. Don't be afraid to move fast, if you ever needed to defend yourself, you could probably fend off and injure an opponent with a pair of these. ;)