Drinking on a Diet

Alcoholic beverages are best to be cut out completely when you try to lean out and build muscle. But who likes to completely abstain? It's fun to have a drink once in a while. I recently stumbled upon this Shape article called Bikini-Friendly Beers. Sounds good! I like the idea of a 55 calorie beer with only 1.8g carbs per bottle. Problem is: I don't particularly fancy beer (despite being Czech). The following tips from Lifehacker share how to drink alcohol as healthily as possible:

  • Drink wine. It's low in calories.
  • Drink liquor. By itself. It's low in calories.
  • If you can't do without your mixed drinks, consider diet tonic, sodas, juices, etc. WebMD offers this list of low-calorie mixers.
  • If diet mixers aren't an option, most martinis are low on calories (apart from the obvious, like chocolate martinis)
  • Gin and tonic is not bad (around 200 calories), but the tonic can add up fast.
  • Light beer is healthier than your favorite pale ale. Shocker!
  • If you want to faceoff your favorite drinks, head over to website Get Drunk Not Fat.

Here are my three drinks of choice on a night out! In moderation, we can enjoy our nights out and keep our hot bods, too!