ManServant: A Man, But Better

I remember years ago, after reading Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, I fell in love with the idea of having my own butler (Artemis' bodyguard is a butler, named Butler). Who wouldn't want someone who is there for you 24/7, caters to all your needs, and protects you under any circumstances? Thus far I have not been able to get my own full-time servant, however my chances of having one, at least from time to time, are increasing! ManServant is a startup from San Francisco that aims to serve womens' needs. ManServants was the idea of Christina Nickas who got inspired while planning her bachelorette party. She didn't like the idea of traditional strippers- a "greasy dude in a pathetic outfit shaking his dick in [her] face."

The duties of a ManServant are simple: make all of lady's wishes come true– all except romantic ones, that is. ManServants is not an escort service. As per ManServants' rule #11, "a ManServant keeps his penis in his pants and out of the lady's face."

This promo video says it all, and I think it is totally awesome. Women might not sit on their ManServants while they scrub floors for them, but I like the idea. Talk about role reversal!

ManServant Rule #11
ManServant Rule #11

A Manservant gives you exactly the kind of attention you want at all times, which is so rare to find in real life :). The fact that there is nothing sexual behind the transaction makes the experience fun and trouble-free. All you get is compliments, indefatigable attention, and service all wrapped in the utmost chivalrous behavior.

Unfortunately, ManServants is in the earliest stages of business, and are still running trials, and only in San Francisco, their home state. They are due to open this fall, and I'm sure they will expand to other cities and states soon as well!