Storm by Epic Dragon

I had the pleasure to be a part of a project produced by Offhollywood and Boom Productions several months ago. It was one of the first shoots to ever use the RED Epic Dragon camera.

I was transformed into three looks by Deanna Meluso (makeup), Joshua Ristaino (hair) and Daphna Guttin (styling)- first I was an icy white blonde, then a dark femme fatale, and lastly natural and wet. They used a lot of slow motion capture to create a strong female portrait: a fierce, beautiful, and enchanting. The elements were evoked in the video by projections of cloudy skies, thunderbolts, and fog (made from dry ice) along with sprayed water. All of thing coupled with dynamic movement helped to portray the perfect storm.

Special thanks to our editor Dustin Robertson, who compiled the footage into a compact and powerful video!

Shooting in slow motion was a lot of fun- you can get a lot of material from quick shooting sessions! Also the video always looks nothing like what you imagine, so it is fun to experiment with different movements. There is always an element of surprise when you look at the screen!

Here are some screen shot stills that I did myself. They are made just from the internet version of the video, not the original raw files.

Here are some backstage photos from the studio- Offhollywood's Headquarters!

Produced by Offhollywood NY (A.J. Del Cueto) and Boom Productions (Roger Inniss)

Directed by Henket & Maes