Back To School Tech

I've wanted to take handwritten notes on devices for some time, but the technology hasn't been good enough until recently. I tried note taking with my laptop, which was great for limited convenience and speed, but I missed handwriting. I often need to sketch graphs and draw diagrams, for which handwriting is simply the best. I did a little research on handwriting on iPad and started using Adonit Jot Script Evernote- Fine Point Stylus. I was skeptical at first, because for some reason amazon reviews are not so high, but after seeing this thorough youtube review by Aurélien Chevaleyrias I was encouraged enough to give it a try (and I'm glad I did). It works incredibly well! It's everything I wanted and looks and feels exactly like a pen.

You need a good note-taking app to use with the Jot Script Stylus. I am using GoodNotes. It makes iPad handwriting fun and easy! It lets you import files from your Google Drive or Dropbox– even PDFs– and mark it up with hand-written notes! Jot Script and GoodNotes are the perfect pair.

In GoodNotes, you can chose your own desired color as well as thickness of pen (you have 3 "favorites" which are easily accessible in the "zoom-in" mode). You can also chose a "highlighter" pen option which is great for marking up PDFs or highlighting your own scripts. Also what comes in handy is the "geometrical shape" mode, which comes in handy in business or science classes.

Featured Photo: Reimond Meier for Vogue US