Designer Spotlight: Manfredonia NY

Behold Metropolis- the new collection of Anthony Manfredonia. It's sexy; it's playful; it's glamorous. Manfredonia is an emerging sensation on the fashion design scene- he has already been endorsed by Beyonce, who wore Manfredonia's white neoprene swimsuit as the main featured outfit in her music video "No Angel." Manfredonia is establishing himsef as one of the leading makers of corsets, which is his signature piece.

The main line features lots of sequins, satin, and velvet, with predominantly black and gold colors. Anthony played with plastic this season as well, used to make sultry jackets as well as accessories (hats, belts, purses) that add a pop of fun to any outfit. Manfredonia excels in precisely structured garments that create a dramatic femme fatale look.

This season, there is a new diffusion line called Anthony Manfredonia, which is sporty and playful. It is definitely more casual while keeping the look futuristic and sharp. The color palette is colder than the main line's- with muted warm undertones, shades of gray, blues, gradients, and entrancing fractal patterns. This line is definitely more simple and minimalist. The body suits are simpler in the diffusion line, and will look fantastic worn with pants for various occassions!

Stay tuned for future collections and developments– we will surely be seeing more and more of this brand!

Photos featuring Manfredonia and Anthony Manfredonia Fall 2015 collection called Metropolis.

Photography Tereza Janakova 
air & Make Up Veronika Robova