Bess Byers and A Generation Empowered

My name is Elizabeth Belleau Byers, but ever since birth I’ve been called Bess, after my Grandma Bess. I'm a millennial who loves fashion, photos, and of course, politics.

In May 2009 I graduated from Washington State University with my Bachelor of Science in Communications, Public Relations and a minor in Chinese. On September 11, 2009 I packed my bags and hopped a flight to Beijing. I interned at SiVO2, a graphic design and ad agency, for ten months where I absorbed the Chinese language, food and culture. Overseas I discovered my love of photography, writing and design. I love to travel. The knowledge and experience gained from experiences abroad cannot be taught in a classroom.

I returned to Washington State in June 2010 and going from a city of 20 million to 200,000 took its toll. I immersed myself in photos, fashion, graphic design and DIY with girlfriends to keep from going insane. I also studied and freelanced. In March 2011 my persistence paid off. I came to Los Angeles to visit friends. Out of curiosity I applied for jobs to hopefully escape Eastern Washington. I landed a part-time gig and on March 28th, hit the road. Within months, I secured a full-time marketing research position in Venice, working for Yvette, one of my amazing China contacts.

After two years of brand strategy, I've merged my passions: marketing, communications, PR, photos and, you guessed it, politics. I co-founded a political non-profit called A Generation Empowered to advocate the issue of an increasing national debt. For politicians to leave Americans $18 trillion in crushing debt is WRONG. This is our future and our voice needs to be heard.

So what am I? I’m a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Independent. I’m issue oriented. It’s not about parties, it’s about people. I believe our generation needs to be more politically active. The decisions politicians make today will affect us in the future. Political affiliation aside, I encourage all young Americans to inform themselves and vote.

When I’m not working, I volunteer at MADE, road trip to Palm Springs, soak up the sun or get down at dance class. I like to promote companies and causes I believe in, so developed B3 Media, Inc. to help friends brand their own. I have a couple creative projects on the back burner, so stay tuned. I still miss Washington State, my friends, family, board sports and cats, so try to visit as time allows. Shout out to the 509!

I am so blessed for the opportunities I’ve been given. I have the greatest friends and family anyone could ask for. Life is good and I'm loving every minute of it!


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