The Arrivals' Spring 2015 Is Here!

If there is any way to summarize The Arrivals’ brand, it's precise design, uncompromising quality, and adjustability. 

For their very first spring collection, they made a few classic denim pieces, versatile coats (including my favorite AANDO Modular Duster, where removing its sleeves transforms the garment into a vest), and (not surprisingly for the company) a few lighter-build leather jackets, perfect for adding a bit of spring-time cool to one's wardrobe. Their BREUER Explorer Jacket, will keep you dry and stylish in the whimsical (even if more than welcomed) spring weather. Their geometrically cut jackets look good on a hanger, but great on a body.

You will notice that quite a few jackets have parts that detach (modular pieces)- sometimes sleeves, sometimes detachable pieces at the bottom of the garment that will allow you to adjust coverage for current weather. Thanks to this, The Arrivals offer a great variety to a wardrobe with only a few items. 

I like slightly oversized outerwear, and I would totally go for their men's raincoat FULLER Modular Storm Coat in dark blue (which is modular as well–it has a detachable bottom part connected with a zipper).

The colors of the new collections are striking in their subtlety when seen in real life- be it “Dry Concrete” hue of the MODULAR DUSTER, the "Rose Gold" of LASSEN SUEDE, or “Leaf” of BREUER. Memorable is also the matte finish of the WREN Leather Biker.

The Arrivals' uncompromising quality, use of the finest materials, and attention to detail manifest in their collaborations with industry's leading companies such as Libra Leather, whose owner Mitch Alfus is known as the Leather King. The Arrivals are only available online at the moment (that's why the prices are so pleasant!), but customers are welcome to schedule an appointment to try anything on in their NY showroom!

Photography by Stephen Tang      @realstephentang